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Our Story

The Fan LoyalTEES philosophy is that t-shirts, when designed to our standards, are more than just shirts...each one is a piece of memorabilia preserving a special occasion.

Founded originally to help college students raise money while, at the same time, enhancing the game day experience of college sports fans, we quickly expanded our focus to cater to a wider, more diverse audience. From grade schools to universities, charity drives to special events, Fan LoyalTEES has your solutions. We design unique shirts tailored to capture the spirit of the day. Whether leading a fundraising event or hosting a party, our customers come to us as the "one stop shop".

Integrity is a Fan LoyalTEES priority. We are registered with the Fair Labor Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting workers' rights and improving working conditions in factories worldwide. We are also licensed with the Licensing Resource Group, Affinity Consultants and Strategic Marketing Affiliates. Everything we do is licensed and approved.

Our fundraising is profitable, our customer products are affordable.

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